The birth of an Ideology


Professional Alliance of Chinese Acupuncturists UK Ltd (referred to as PACHA) was founded by Ms Phoebe Yang, Director and co-partner at AcuSpa in Manchester, United Kingdom. Inspired at an early age by her Mother; a well known acupuncturist in China, Ms Yang was determined to follow in her Mother’s footsteps. Her enthusiasm to learn the art of acupuncture coupled with her passion to heal patients led to the opening of her own private clinic in 2013 in Manchester, UK.


Establishing a diverse patient base within a few months, Ms Yang came to realise from daily patient interaction that accessibility to Traditional Chinese Medicine (referred to as TCM) treatments and Chinese remedies was somewhat limited. Her ambition is to become an ambassador to raise awareness of the benefits of TCM by fostering a closer collaboration between Western and Chinese medicine practices.


In March 2016, Ms Yang established PACHA a UK based group providing a platform for advanced Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine exchanges to promote a universal health programme that provides sustainable health choices in patient care.


Group’s Purpose and Vision


PACHA’s purpose is to unify Western and Chinese medicine and practices in the UK and abroad that raise awareness of the health benefits of Traditional Chinese healthcare practices complemented by natural remedies. Improving health care and health outcomes is paramount within its group philosophy. PACHA believes that giving health practitioners and their patient’s greater accessibility to information on new and proven health care services and products allows patients to make informed decisions about their health care choices.


How PACHA as an organisation has set out to achieve its purpose is through a vision to:


(1) Create an international forum for the exchange of Chinese and Western medicines using seminar and lecture type

vehicles as the springboard.

(2) Promote teacher based learning in Western Hospital clinical divisions for Chinese medical practitioners.

(3) Organise patient study groups to promote health benefits within traditional Chinese medicine.

(4) Promote academic exchanges in traditional Chinese and Western medicine to

enhance PACHA organisation member’s knowledge base.

Honorary Members


PACHA currently has in excess of 280 active members predominantly from the UK and Europe. The members come from diverse medical and industry backgrounds and include Chinese and Western medical practitioners and UK service and investment professionals who have local, national and international business portfolios.


PACHA has a number of members holding qualifications from the world’s top medical establishments and high profile industry posts.


Group’s Mission


The mission is to unify Western and TCM practices that endorse sustainable heath care solutions and to create positive allegiances and synergistic views with other organisations in the field of medicine.


The group philosophy is embedded in the work PACHA performs as independent doctors in the field of TCM within their own clinics and charitable work they perform in both the public and private sectors. PACHA has a keen interest in working with the NHS in particular promoting universal health coverage through the integration of Western and Chinese medicine to improve health care but most importantly, to improve the patient’s health outcome.


PACHA will collectively continue to promote best practice in all fields of TCM with a view to designing frameworks and harmonised systems to standardise and regulate what are important contributors to the goal of “health for all” and to provide solutions for sustainable health policies, methods and approaches. PACHA will also continue to strengthen their work in quality assurance, safety, proper use and effectiveness by regulating practices and practitioners through offering education and training, skills development, services and therapies.



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